Freelancing requires outstanding skills as well as hardware resources to sustain in a competitive market. It is a popular way of earning money online in India, but PixelFlow helps you start your own freelancing business without a laptop or without being a master in particular softwares or tools. Yes you read it right. You just need your smartphone and decent internet connection to make some money or a side income along with your active work. Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Step 1: Create accounts on platforms for freelancers

There are a lot of platforms for freelancers but three of them are the most popular., & First of all, visit and explore all above mentioned websites and sign up. Watch a few YouTube videos for how to create a freelancing business on fiverr or how to create a fiverr gig etc.

Then register yourself as ‘YouTube Intro maker’ and ‘Text Animations creator’ on all freelancing platforms. Before signing up on Fiverr as a creator of intros for YouTube channel or text animation for social media (e.g. short video apps), please consider watching a few tips and tricks for creating nearly perfect fiverr gigs.

Step 2: Create a social media post on Canva for your promotion

Who doesn’t know Canva nowadays? Canva is a free designing tool on which you’ve to create a few social media posts for your business. It’s very easy to use and no design skills are required to create social media posts. You just have to select the right template for your post and edit it according to your requirements.

Step 3: Free promotion of your business on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

Now it’s time to let people know about your new business. Getting initial projects is a very crucial part of this work. Start with your friends and family. Share your social media posts on Whatsapp, Instagram Story and Facebook. Tell people to forward the same to any YouTubers and Social media managers they know. Don’t forget to mention your contact number in the caption.

Step 4: Subscribe to PixelFlow Pro

This is the only investment of your freelancing business. It will enable you to have hundreds of Pre-made templates and text animations with built-in asset library of copyright free Images and Videos. 1 year subscription of PixelFlow Pro will cost you just $10. Don’t worry, you’ll recover it from 2-3 projects and then be ready to earn 100 times more than home much you have invested.

Step 5: Focus on building your portfolio

To get more projects or to pull YouTubers in funnel, you need to gain credibility on Fiverr. It’s a number game. The more number of projects there are in your portfolio, the higher the chance of getting conversions. So initially, try doing free projects on your own. If you don’t get any projects from personal promotion, then try to find YouTube channels whose intros can be improved. And send them a small animation as a sample.  If they like it, you’ll get the project. And if they don’t, you’ll add one in your portfolio. In both the cases, you’re winning :)

Step 6: Deliver project rapidly like a pro and earn $5 per Intro

Professional graphic designers charge $50 to create YouTube intro or Animated social media posts. Of course they’ve complex computer softwares and they deserve it according to their skills. But there are a lot of budding YouTubers who wouldn’t spend much on intro. Also there are so many social media influencers or managers, who are looking for animated social media posts. That is your target market. Create an intro just in 5 minutes, deliver it to your clients and get $5 per video.

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