Just start editing

PixelFlow has a powerful visual UI (User Interface) with familiar options, as well as the ability to add your own stuff.

Select your template and just edit your text only and keep the rest as it is to be rendered. Or use your own Fonts and Backgrounds - if that's your thing.

Rich editing at your fingertips

The editor can also handle rich media objects, called Dynamic Backgrounds, High Quality Images & Videos, Gradient & Solid Backgrounds which are categorised in Background Tab.

You can insert a background either by selecting it from Built-In Library or from your internal storage.

For example:


Image Sizes & Optimisation

Once inserted you can blend images beautifully into your content at different sizes. PixelFlow will automatically resize and optimise your images with lossless compression. Your posts will be fully optimised for the web without any extra effort on your part.

Add Music into your animation

Simply select the Audio/Song/Tune from your internal storage and alive your intro video.

Next: Exporting Options

Once your intro video is looking good, you'll want to use the exporting options to ensure it gets rendered in perfectly.